Welcome to Maximum Off Grid!

We are going off grid and loving every minute of it. 

Listen. Going off grid isn't easy. It always takes more money than you planned to spend and it always takes way longer than you think it will (words of wisdom from a close friend). 

But all that hard work has a profound life changing payoff that provides you a level of freedom that is not possible by staying subordinate to on grid municipal systems. 

coronado mountains arizona

Mountains of Arizona

The reality is that when you are on grid, you are beholden to forces way out of your control. And these forces are becoming ever more greedy and nefarious. Trust me. PG&E and Monsanto do not have our best interest in mind. 

Just look at the rolling blackouts that PG&E enforces on their paying customers in California. If a certain wind speed kicks up, they shut down the power to hundreds of thousands of their patrons without any notice. 

We have all been there. We go to switch on the power and it doesn't turn on, or we go to wash the dishes or take a shower and the faucets don't deliver. 

That is why going off grid is more important now than ever before. As a smaller, more elite group of people gain unprecedented control over the masses, the less control we have over what we need to survive, and that includes our food supplies too. 

That is why I created Maximum Off Grid. While beginning down our off grid journey, I noticed there wasn't a cohesive body of information out there that touched on all the facets of going off grid. So I made a depository of all my studies on this here website, and I think it turned out pretty good. 

So Enjoy the website and feel free to contact me with whatever questions or comments you may have!

Regina Cal

Creator and Webmaster of www.maximumoffgrid.com

Survival Skills Section

Developing survival skills for long term wilderness expeditions, SHTF scenarios,  and disaster preparedness could literally mean the difference of life and death.

Being able to start a fire from scratch, build a shelter with natural materials, and an overarching survival skillset can not only save your life, it is also profoundly fulfilling and can give you a sense of pride and confidence. 

I have covered several survival topics, from primitive survival skill building to building out the perfect bug out bag. 

ultimate bug out bag checklist for 2021 downloadable pdf

Featured Article - The Ultimate Bug Out Bag List

In this ultimate guide, I help you make decisions about what to put into your bug out bag. I break everything down into essential sections that are easy to follow. I then go a step beyond and list all the products in order from the most basic stuff you need to carry to the downright splurge-worthy items that we would all love to have but don’t necessarily need.

Check it out!

Off Grid Water System Section

When building an off grid installation, setting up a reliable and efficient water system is paramount to the success of your endeavor.

There are multiple variables to consider when designing your off grid water system.

First, you need to figure out where your water will come from. Will it be from a well? Do you have a year-round water source to rely upon such as a spring or river? Will you have to haul in your water for part of all of the year?

My off grid water system section covers all of these topics and more!

guide to building an off grid water system

Featured Article - Off Grid Water System Guide

There are many factors to take into consideration in the design phase, which is why I wrote this inclusive guide to give you a good understanding on how to plan and develop your off grid water system.

There are three main methods that I will discuss today: using a wild water source, installing a well water system, and drawing water from a cistern tank. Each method uses different equipment, and has pros and cons. I will also also briefly discuss water filtration and purification and setting up a gravity fed water system.

Read more here. 

Grow Your Own Food Section

Now more than ever is it important to grow your own food!

As grocers, meat packers, and farmers are all suffering from the current crisis and disruption to the supply chain, we need to shift our mindstate from relying on grocery stores to relying on ourselves to feed our families.

Getting away from all the toxic pesticides and factory farming is tantamount to our health and the health of our future generations

Check out my articles on growing food and alternative growing methods.

Featured Article - The Ultimate Heirloom Seed Growing Guide

In this comprehensive article, I go over almost every type of common produce found in the garden and explain how to grow them properly. 

Get the growing guide here.

Solar Power Section

Capturing the energy from the sun with a solar power system installation is one of the best methods to power your off grid setup.

This section is a pretty simplistic compilation of solar power information. You can get the basics of solar power here and delve into more complex and custom setups for your personal situation. 

Featured Article - No BS Guide To Solar Power

In this basic article, I touch on the fundamentals of solar power. 

Check it out! 

Composting Section

Composting is a great way to deal with your organic waste and makes an excellent fertilizer for your garden. 

I highly recommend using a compost pile for your off grid lifestyle, including using a composting toilet!

start a foolproof compost pile 7 step guide

Featured Article - Start A Compost Pile

Composting is a great way to get rid of waste and make healthy nutrients for your plants. 

In this guide, I give you seven easy steps to follow to build your own compost pile, for free!

Learn how to compost here.