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Developing a specific set of skills is critical when you take the plunge into becoming self-sufficient. The most important skill you need to work on improving is your building skill.

Unless you plan to pay a contractor a lot of money to build all of your structures, you will need to learn how to do it yourself. This is the biggest challenge I am facing as a solo off-grid woman. My limited building skillset could hold me back, but I am not allowing it to. 

With the information overload on the internet, you can learn how to do anything. Free tutorials and plans are everywhere. If you are worried about going off the grid, just know that you have a vast information network of millions of texts and videos from content creators to guide you through. 

There are also tons of groups and forums where you can ask questions. These support networks are a treasure trove of people who have done it before you, so don’t be afraid to jump into groups and learn from others. 

Regina with off grid water tank

The takeaway point is that you will never be completely ready to go off the grid. There will always be challenges and obstacles that arise. I recommend that you get your property, do some planning, set up your basic infrastructure, and move on to it as soon as possible. 

No amount of studying compares to the real-world experience. Make sure you have backup plans for energy and store hundreds of gallons of water as a reserve. 

Regina, Creator of Maximum Off Grid

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