Welcome to Maximum Off Grid!

We are off-grid and loving every minute of it. 

Well, maybe not every minute! As you have probably found out by now, going off-grid is not easy. It takes a whole lot of man-power, and quite a bit of money. Going off-grid is a huge commitment, but the freedom you get in return is priceless!

Regina and Cody off-grid in Arizona

This is us enjoying the day in Tombstone, AZ!

We are an off-grid couple on a 30 acre raw piece of land here in the southeastern mountains of Arizona. 

We contemplated going off-grid for a long time, but it never really seemed to pan out with our life plans. Then, one day, events lined up in our lives and off-grid became a reality! 

We found a piece of land for sale that was right in our budget and owner financed. We discussed the pros and cons, and decided to pull the trigger. We haven't looked back!

The reason we chose to live off-grid is our pursuit of independence and sustainability. We want to grow our own food, make our own power, and harvest our own energy from renewable and sustainable resources conducive to our environment. In modern times, most of us have lost touch with how to be self-sufficient, and we rely way too much on the system to provide everything for us. 

But what happens if that system goes down? What is your plan of action? This day may never come, but I do know when the town nearby has a blackout, we still have power. 

cody with our solar power system

Cody finishing up our 30kW solar power system

When we started researching how to go off-grid, we found that there wasn't really a lot of good information out there. We had to bounce around from site to site searching for the information we needed. 

Hence, this is why we created Maximum Off Grid! We have strived to make a thorough body of knowledge covering everything from water systems to growing food. It's a work in progress, so feel free to sign up to get email notifications when we have a new article uploaded!

We are also working on building up our YouTube channel for those visual learners out there. Go ahead and check that out too!

I sincerely hope you enjoy this website and leave us a question or comment on any article! 

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What it Really Takes to Go Off-Grid

I am not going to BS you here. You either need a lot of money, a lot of building experience, and preferably both. Off-grid systems reach into every type of building project there is. Plumbing, electrical, road building, fence building, septic, etc. It really takes skill and know-how to pull it off. 

I don't want to put you off from going off-grid! But it is the reality. There are other ways you can enjoy off-grid living without all the building. The first way is to hire others to do the work for you. This gets very expensive, very quickly. 

You can also opt to place an off-grid camper on your property. You will still need to know basic systems, but most everything will be in place for you contained within the camper. You will just need to install solar or some type of alternative energy source, have a well, haul in water, and use a composting toilet or build a septic tank. 

Another option is to contract a tiny home that is already fabricated. Basically, you can convert a small shed into a tiny home. 

You can also opt for roughing it on the land! 

I can tell you right now, no matter what path you choose to go off-grid, it will cost you probably twice as much and take you twice the time that you are thinking in your head right now. There are so many unforeseen expenses, stupid tax, and it just simply takes tons of time to build things out or wait on a contractor to do it for you. 

But, the ultimate skill set you need to go off-grid is this: GRIT. True grit is simply the determination to succeed, no matter how hard things get. That is how to succeed at anything in life. When others quit, you excel. Usually, when you want to give up is when you are about to succeed. The mindset of off-grid living is critical to your success!

If you are faint of heart, lazy, unmotivated, or used to your creature comforts, then off-grid living is not for you. 

If you have courage, determination, the will to succeed, and love a challenge, then this is the most rewarding lifestyle you could ever ask for!

Regina, owner of Maximum Off Grid


Maximum Off Grid