When you grow heirloom seeds, you can save the seeds and plant again.

I cannot stress how important it is to start preserving and propegating heirloom seeds, starting this year!

Corporate control over food is growing, snuffing out family farms and taking over our food variety by genetically modifying and patenting seeds. 

These seed patents mean they own the seed. It becomes their intellectual property. 

You will not have success saving and growing genetically modified seed or hybrid seed. The only way to seed save is through heirloom seed.

I firmly believe in the sovereignty of our food supply which can be easily attained by growing and saving these beautiful heirloom seed varieties. 

When you choose heirloom, you are preserving the diversity and the freedom of our foods. As you will see, there are tons of food varieties not available in the grocery stores. 

Heirloom varieties also taste like real food. We have lost so much flavor and texture in the industrialization of our produce and meats. 

So its time to take back our independence and our health by growing only heirloom seeds and saving the seeds to pass down to future generations!

Regina, Maximum Off Grid

Survival Seed Bank Pack

Survival Seed Bank, 30 Varieties of Non-GMO, Open Pollinated, Heirloom Seeds

In this collection, I have gathered my most popular heirloom seed varieties for your prepper garden. 

Having a seed bank is very valuable. You can store the seed bank or you can use it right away. 

Even if you do not have the space to garden this year, I recommend getting the seed bank as a backup plan or for barter, as seeds are increasing their value quickly. 

All of these wonderful seeds are produced and grown in the USA and hand packaged by my team and I!

Bug Out Bag Survival Seeds

This is not your typical prepper seed pack. 

My Bug Out Bag Heirloom Seed kit is specifically designed to be placed in a bug out bag and provides the most calories, nutrients, vitamins and minerals for when your SHTF situation goes long term. 

I have thoughtfully designed the pack to be lightweight and slim so it can be slipped into any suze bug out bag with ease.

All of these wonderful seeds are produced and grown in the USA and hand packaged by my team and I!

Spring Season Seed Collection

I specifically designed this collection for the cool season of spring, and also selected crops that you will need to start indoors. 

Brassicas, lettuces, kale, and leafy greens can all be planted indoors and then transplanted, or directly sown outdoors if the ground is warmed up. 

Tomatoes and peppers need to be started indoors in the spring and transplanted outside in the warm season. 

All seeds are grown in USA and hand packaged by yours truly. 

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We really appreciate all of you out there that believe in our vision and hard work.

Regina Cal, Webmaster and Creator of Maximum Off Grid